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Post date: 01/26/2017

Just today I was asked to act as Class-E Secretary to the U.K. / Irish Citizenship Status Program of Louisiana, (CSPLA) concerning Irish and Irish/American Citizens status filings along with VisaHQ in the United States of America. I just think I will accept the assignment and the honor. As a matter of fact I already have. My assignment will be in alignment with: As of 01/27/2017.


 I will be working closely with the British and Irish Legal Information Institute and will still remain and operate in Shreveport, Louisiana. See:


 My Lead Director is Garrett O’Neill, Legal Adviser, Compliance Section, Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and Michael O’Neill, Head of Legal Affairs, Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission.

My affiliate link ID is: vaff9481 Should it be needed for reference.

I will post all information regarding Citizenship of both Ireland and America, Dual Citizenship, Irish Immegration, VISA applications lasting longer than 90 days, work permits, relocation concerns and the like. I will be interacting with applicants in the N.W Louisiana District 7 as a Field Officer Liason and reporting to the:

Ireland Consulate in New Orleans, LA
1317 Jay Street
LA 70122
New Orleans                            
United States



See all updates on how to obtain Travel , Visitation or Relocation VISA Applications at http://www.ccc-uk.co

I truly do not deserve this honor. But yes I do, and will. Effective immediately. 01/27/2017 Address any questions or concerns to:



Truly thank you all that helped make this happen. I still need any input you can give to make this a success. WE depend on you.
Go to the Contact page on this site and use it. Help is near.

L.J. Larry Boykin 

Louisiana District 7 Field Officer.

VisaHQ U.S. / U.K / IE

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